Why Making Friends Is Critical To Your Life

Many people SECRETLY think that Making Friends is getting less and less important. Maybe we don’t “need” friends after all…

If you think about it, thousands of years ago, we actually needed friends to help us hunt so we can eat. And we needed friends to be able to defend ourselves and our families.

Our lives depended on our friends and community!

Nowadays, you can work from home as a freelancer and not “have to” see a soul. You can even order your food online and never get out of the house… and physically, you’d be fine! What would you “need” friends for?

Well… As you know there is more to life than food and security.

After having done a lot of research, spending years learning to make friends in my life, and creating the whole “Get The Friends You Want” methodology, I found that friendships were more important than I could ever imagined.

I never thought that my life, my success, and happiness actually depended on having the right friends!

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Otherwise, let’s talk about Why It’s Critical for us to make new friends…

Get Productive and Motivated

If you have close friends, with whom you can share your goals, you are more likely to DO what is necessary. Good friends hold you accountable and EXPECT you to do what you’re gonna do.

Transform Yourself

We human beings have what scientists call “mirror-neurons”. These neurons ensure that we “mirror” the people around us. That means that if you want to transform yourself, go and hangout with people who are already at the level you want to get to. The transformation will happen almost on its own.

You probably heard this before, but now there is brain research to prove that the easiest way to change is to get friends that are already where you want to be.

We all heard the old advice “Birds of a feather, flock together”… well, it’s actually MORE true than we could ever imagine.

Stay Healthy and Free of Stress

Ever noticed that people with a nice group of friends don’t seem to be upset about life’s problems as much as lonely people? A group of friends contributes to reducing your stress level. Problems seem smaller.

They don’t pile up because you get over them faster.

The research on how much friends are important to your life is getting scary. Scientists say that not having a group of friends is an equivalent (for your health) of smoking 15 cigarettes a day, or being morbidly obese…

Speed up Your Career, and Get Access to Important People

Most people think of “networking” as a manipulative approach to get what you want in life, by taking advantage of the people you know.

The fact is, those who get successful at making friends are obligated to become what I call “Givers”. They realize that the only way to have access to important people, to speed up their career, is to give, give, and give.

They become the kind of people who are constantly thinking of new ways to help their friends and associates.

The skill of building friendships is one of the most important ones you can learn. Just think about it… have you ever seen a spectacularly successful person that did it all on their own, without the help of dozens or hundreds of people along the way?

Now What?

Friendship seems irrelevant and “not urgent” at the surface, but most of the time, it is THE element that is missing from our lives that would take us to the next level.

That’s why we need to learn how to get from a place where we don’t have the friends we want, or maybe have friends that drain our energy, to a place where we hang out with people that inspire us and challenge us to live a better, more exciting life.

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In it, I’ll show you all the important steps for getting there: from overcoming shyness or hesitation, to having interesting conversations, keeping in touch, making friends, and building your social circle.

Good luck with your friend-making!

– Paul Sanders

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